The Types of Massage Therapies

A massage is a form of therapy that has been practiced for many thousand years. If one needs to have a massage today, then they would have to choose one of the types of massage therapies available. Below is an in-depth analysis of some of the different types of massage therapies available:

Swedish Massage Therapy

This is among the most common massage therapies and is also referred massage 07to as massage therapy or Swedish massage. In this therapy, the therapists use strokes that are long and smooth, kneading and making circular movements on the body’s superficial muscle layers using massage oil or lotion. It is usually gentle as well as relaxing and is perfect for starters.

Aromatherapy Massage

It is a massage therapy characterized by the addition of either one plant oil that is scented or more depending on the client’s specific needs. The therapist can opt to use oils that are energizing, relaxing, stress-reducing and balancing among others. Lavender is the oil that is mostly used in this kind of a massage therapy. It is suited for conditions that are emotive as well as stress-related.

Hot Stone Massage

massage 04In this massage therapy, stones that have been heated are used whereby they are placed on some certain body points. The heat from the stones loosens the body’s tight muscles as well as balances the energy centers in the human body. The massage therapist could either hold the heated stones or apply some gentle pressure using them. The warmth is quite comforting, and this therapy is good for those who suffer from muscle tension and those that prefer a light massage.

Deep Tissue Massage

This massage therapy usually targets the connective tissue and muscle layers that are deeply located in the body. The therapist can use friction techniques on the muscle grain to get good results. It is used for people with painful muscles, repetitive strain or people recovering from injuries. It is important to note that after this type of massage therapy, one feels sore on their body.


Shiatsu stems from a Japan as it refers to Japanese bodywork whereby a localized finger is used to apply pressure onmassage 01 acupuncture meridians using a rhythmic sequence. The pressure is held on for up to eight seconds to improve the energy flows as well as help the body regain its balance. The pressure is usually firm but very relaxing plus there is no sore feeling afterward.

Thai Massage

Just like Shiatsu, this massage therapy usually aligns the body’s energies via the application of gentle pressure on body points that are specific. It also includes stretches and compression as well. One does not just sit there, but they are moved into different postures by the massage therapists. It improves range of motion, flexibility and reduces stress. All the above are the types of massage therapies available out there.