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A turbo trainer can be defined as a device, which fits under the back wheel of the standard bike. Therefore, it is effectively turned into a stationary exercise bike. There is no need of venturing into the cold weather with your everyday bicycle.

However, these trainers are not only replacement for trips out on your bikes in the snow or rain. These are useful training tools, which can be used to supplement the long rides in the countryside. turbo trainer workouts 45Therefore, if you want to purchase one to use in your daily exercises, you should know the various kinds currently on the market. Below are some types on the market.

The wind Turbo Trainers
These are entry-level and cost effective trainers. They operate using the vortex blade that is designed to offer progressive resistant drag. You can change the level of resistance by using bike gears the same way it is done on the road. The major problem with wind trainer is that it offers a limited level of resistance. It does not provide extra variable resistance after reaching the highest gear. Therefore, you need extra effort to move up the hills. The other problem with these trainers is that they generate a lot of noises. This is because they use the vortex blade. If you want a simple and cost effective turbo trainer, which you can use in the garage. This is the best option.

Magnetic Turbo Trainers
These are sold choice for many people. If you are looking for the beginner-level trainers or advanced trainers, you will find them in this category. The generate resistance by the two magnets that are pointed to each other. They have a varying degree of resistance and can be adjusted by the controller on the braking unit. They offer solid resistance needed in turbo trainer workouts. The good thing turbo trainer workouts 46with these trainers is that they are quiet.

Fluid Turbo Trainers
These work on a similar concept like the wind resistance trainers. They have fun that is suspended in viscous fluid. This creates great resistance, wich you will feel while riding on the road. They are a bit expensive but offer a more realistic experience.

Motor Brake Turbo Trainers
These are found in very high-end machines. They have a motor brake that allows trainers to stimulate down the hill and steep gradients. They run advanced race simulators.