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Warts are very disgusting to most people because they are associated with lack of cleanliness and dirt. Warts are also related to poor personal hygiene. As such, the incidence of warts can destroy the self-esteem of the person affected. People with weak immunity, excessive sweating of the soles and hands and those with stresses are the ones who are mostly affected with warts. However, an

How Salicylic WorksafsgHRJAC

Salicylic acid has been found to be less painful treatment method for warts than the other methods. Even though it is less painful, salicylic acid can help treat warts. This acid is usually used in the concentration of between ten percent and sixty percent in treating warts.

Regardless of the above remedies for salicylic acid, they are only applied topically. What the salicylic acid does with warts is that it restricts the production of sweat and sebum. The acid also eliminates the process of inflammation.

Applying Salicylic Acid in Treating Warts

This depends on the type of warts that a person wants to treat. Some of the types of warts that salicylic acid can help in treating include plantar warts (those that grow on the feet or soles) and warts that found in other common areas like fingers or hands.

Depending on the instructions on the packaging of the acid, apply it on warts. Some of the standard directions on the application of the acid on the warts are to use a liquid to the wart and use the bandage to cover it. The other direction is to soak an adhesive pad with the salicylic acid over the wart.

cQDFGDHFEFAfter this step, now leave the acid on the affected area for one or two days depending on the direction given on the package. Do not remove the covering until the time is over. If the cover falls before the prescribed period, replace it. After the time prescribed is over, remove the covering and wash the acid as directed and replace the covering. Ensure that dead skin is removed from warts before applying the acid again.

To make the filing easier, soak the area of the skin with warts in warm water for ten minutes. This is the full cycle, and it should be repeated until the warts are completely removed, which may take a couple of weeks.

Advantages of Using Salicylic Acid in Treating Warts

  • Less painful as compared to other methods like surgery
  • Readily available
  • Safe to use

It is important to consult a doctor before treating warts using this method because there are also other types of skin ailments that look like warts. Besides, depending on your condition, the doctor might recommend using a product like Wartrol that contains 17% of salicylic acid and other mineral oils needed in fighting warts.