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Popularly known as the ‘silent thief of sight’ Glaucoma is an eye condition where the optic nerve is affected. It’s very common, particularly among the elderly. If left unattended, glaucoma can easily result in loss of eyesight. Often, the symptoms of this eye condition are so insidious such that the affected person hardly recognizes that something could be wrong. Here’s an overview of glaucoma symptoms and treatment.

Symptoms of Glaucoma

To begin with, there are two types of glaucoma, namely:Eyes 04

• Open- angle
• Closed- angle

The former is quite common and also pretty difficult to detect. It’s characterized by the patient suffering the gradual loss of eyesight, eventually resulting in permanent blindness. And due to the absence of perceptible changes in the initial stages, it’s really difficult to detect it. Today, more than two million Americans have been affected by this type of glaucoma. In Europe and Asian countries, the figure is a bit lesser.

Closed angle glaucoma, on the other hand, is somewhat rare. Also, its symptoms are much more acute. They include:

• Pain in the eyes
• Seeing spots, halos or lights
• Nausea
• Extremely red eyes

Loss of vision can be sudden and painful. And without early treatment, closed angle glaucoma can easily result in complete blindness.


As of yet, no permanent cure for glaucoma has been found. All cures available now only offer temporary relief.

Nonetheless, during early stages, it’s a bit easier to correct the condition. This is done through eye drops that assist in relieving the pressure in the eyes.

During later stages, most ophthalmologists use medication and surgery. Surgery still counts as one of the most effective treatment at this stage. It can be carried out through conventional methods or via laser.

The majority of the medications for this condition are administered through eye drops as pills are less common nowadays.

But bear in mind that both treatments only offer a temporary cure.

Some experts also recommend the following natural treatments:

Eyes 06• Tea, beer, coffee, tobacco, and related fluids must be avoided
• Increase the consumption of vegetables and raw fruits
• Increase the intake of vitamin A, B, C, proteins and other minerals
• Intake of calcium and B-complex must also be increased

It’s important to note that persons who suffer from glaucoma need continuous, lifelong treatment to prevent blindness. Any prescribed form of treatment should be taken regularly and precisely according to the doctor’s prescription. Also, regular eye screenings are necessary to monitor eye pressure and evaluate the effectiveness of the treatment.


Given the glaucoma symptoms and treatment, it’s pretty hard to deny the fact that it’s a dangerous eye condition. Therefore, a person should seek urgent treatment anytime he/she notices any of the listed symptoms. Remember, early treatment will prevent further damage.