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Electricity is used to provide us with lighting and to power some home appliances. However, there are times that this otherwise friendly source of power can act against us. If you touch a bare wire or a malfunctioning appliance, you run the risk of receiving an electric shock. Besides just being painful, electric shocks can result in burns, muscular spasms, unconsciousness or even death depending on the amount of current or voltage supplied.

Electrical shocksaSAASSdAS

The magnitude or severity of an electrical shock depends on many things. This includes things like the voltage, the body part involved, the amount of person the person was exposed, along with other things like moisture levels and dampness. An electric shock is definitely not a good experience. In fact, in case you experience one, you might end up developing a phobia towards electricity depending on the experience you had.

Loss of muscular control

Depending on the voltage or the magnitude of the source of power, electrical shocks tend to interfere with an individual’s ability to control themselves. This explains why some people are unable to let go of the source and escape the shock. This has the effect of lengthening the exposure time, which ends up making things worse.

Electrical burn

Another real electrical injury is electrical burns. This burns are quite serious and often require surgery to treat. Ideally, electrical burns are a result of having electricity passing through some body organs. As current passes through the body, it leaves some disabling burns inside the body. Very high voltages only cause these type of burns. However, they can also occur on domestic voltages if the current passes through the body for a couple of seconds.

Thermal burns

aSxASDAnother real concern or hazard posed by electricity are thermal burns. Ideally, these are just caused by ordinary fires only that the source of fire is normally from an electrical anomaly. It could be a spark, a defective extension, or electrical overloading that causes the appliance to be hot enough and start burning.

As you can see, electrical connections pose a serious risk to our health and life. It is for this reason that you should refrain from handling electrical connections, especially if you do not have the skills or expertise to deal with electrical jobs. It is advisable to hire Orlando electrician for your safety and that of those around you.