Considerations When Replacing An HVAC System

Careful consideration is needed when a home owner decides on replacing an HVAC system in his or her home. The comfort of an individual will be affected by the installation of a new HVAC system on a daily basis for a long time to come. The new system to be installed in a person’s home should be confirmed is the best to be fitted before any contract is signed. Lake Nona AC repair are one of the best service providers when it comes to the replacement of the HVAC system. Here are the considerations for an individual to consider when replacing an HVAC system in his or her home;

Right sizing


The majority of home owners make the error of the current AC being replaced with the type which has the same capacity or size. In one’s home, a cooling load calculation should be carried out by an HVAC professional during the installation of the air conditioner. Factors such as size individual’s size land layout, energy efficiency, outside landscaping, window placement, and heat generating appliances and so on are taken into account by the calculation method. The size of AC required to cool one’s home in a proper manner or way is determined by the result from the calculation method. Money spent on repair and energy costs will be saved in the process by the appropriate sizing of the AC.

Outdoor and indoor components should be matched

Air conditioner with a split system comprises an inside and outside components. Replacement of a faulty part only may be considered by most individuals as one way of cutting on cost. It is regarded as not a wise decision to make for any system which has lasted for the duration of four to five years. The combination of matched indoor and outdoor components usually performs efficiently. Energy costs increases and overall performance is lowered in a case whereby the matched pair is break up. One is often advised to replace the whole component for the system to work properly.

Energy efficiency

SEER which is Seasonal Energy  Efficiency Ratio should be considered when a house owner upgrades his or her air conditioner. The cooling efficiency of the air conditioner is measured in a season, and its number or rate is what determines the efficiency of the AC. The cost of an air conditioner is determined by the SEER rating.



An AC system which is installed correctly will contribute to lowering the energy costs, and one will be able to feel comfortable in his or her home. For proper airflow, an HVAC contractor should check if the ductwork is of the right dimensions and configured correctly. The ductwork being repaired and sealed is considered as suitable option or task.

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