The benefits of a meat grinder

Having your own meat grinder has a significant advantage on eating healthy. When you go to a meat shop and ask for your favorite meat to be ground up, or you buy the ground meat that they have displayed on the counter, it could have been mixed with other meat. You can get very sick from eating meat that has been mixed with others.

If you buy meat that has been mixed with chicken blood, it can put you in the hospital, or even worse; it can kill you. Having your own meat grinder will ensure that you are eating what you are putting into the meat grinder. In this article, we will go over the advantages of having your own meat grinder.


2When you go to a meat shop to buy ground meat they always have three kinds of ground meat displayed

  • Ground Round, has 10 percent fat and 90 percent lean meat.
  • Ground Chuck, has 15 percent fat and 85 percent lean meat.
  • Ground Beef, has 27 percent fat and 73 percent meat.

There is really no way of knowing if that is true other than using a tester to see just how much fat you are eating. If you had your own grinder, you would buy your choice of lean meat and grind it your self; that would ensure you that you are getting the meat that you want and you will know how fresh it is.

Choice of meat

When you go to a store to buy ground chicken, you always have to buy it from the frozen section of the store. When it comes to frozen ground meat, you never know what you are getting. If you have your own grinder, you can get boneless chicken and bring it home and grind it up. You can even cut all the fat off of the meat, so you know you are eating a lot healthier.


3A lot of people love to grind pork. You can’t get pork ground up at the store; you have to buy it already ground from a factory. When you are buying a product that has already been ground, it will tell you on the back that it has additives ground in with the meat because of the fat content that is ground with the pork.


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